How It Works

Today, there are millions of bottles of wine being stored in personal cellars and storage facilities. Often these collections are not considered during estate planning. It is our mission to help our clients maximize their giving potential.

Donation in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1

1. Determine Timing of Cellar Donation, at Bequest, Prior or a Scheduled Combination

The Legacy Cellar will walk you through the process, including paperwork and potential tax benefits.

Step 2

2. Identify Causes or Specific Charities for Support

Our engaged experts are happy to assist in leveraging your generosity to generate the greatest level of impact possible as well as negotiating immediate recognition for your gift, even if proceeds will not be received until a later date.

Step 3

3. Our Team Conducts Wine Inventory, Authentication, and Liquidation of Cellar Donation

The Legacy Cellar will liquidate to generate maximum value for donation. Every dollar of your liquidated cellar goes directly to your pre-selected causes.

Create a Philanthropic Legacy through your Wine Collection.